Bleuette is a french doll, born in 1905, with a french magazine for little girls : LA SEMAINE DE SUZETTE. The magazine was published until 1960.

The doll was sold through the magazine and each week, they published a pattern for her, and little girls were able to sew by themselves their own doll wardrobe.  So through the years, you can see the fashion and people tastes changing, which is really amazing.

Bleuette is a 11 inches doll, and you can find affordable reproductions easely on Ebay. I let you imagine the price for a real, genuine, vintage one...

I've translated several patterns into english, so you can purchase the original pattern reproduction and its translation. You'll have all the pieces of the pattern as they were published in the original edition  in the Semaine de Suzette. You'll get also the copy of the front page title with the edition number and date, and the copy of the original explanations that were inside the newspaper. You'll have the english  translation of  the pattern and I've made a Pattern Tiny Dictionnary, so you'll able to understand what is written onto the pattern. Enjoy.
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